Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Astonishing Love

Dil to hai dil dil ka aitbaar kya kije
aa gaya jo kisi pe yaar kya kije

Heart is unique, Heart can't be trusted
If it loves somebody, you can't do anything about it

The deadly disease of love and the intensity of the addiction of this drug can only be treated by love.

Love is a great drug. A lover doesn't need any whisky, wine or marijuana to get inebriated.

Pehla nasha, pehla khumaar
naya pyaar hai naya intezaar

First love, first intoxication
new love, new expectations

Love is like another planet where earthly laws don't work
especially the law of gravity

aaj kal pao zameen par nahi padte mere
bolo tumne dekha hai mujhe chalte hue

My legs don't rest upon earth these days
Have you ever seen me walking?

Tum paas aaye dil mein samaye, tumne ne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye
ab to mera dil jaage na sota hai
, kya karun haye kuch kuch hota hai

na jaane kaisa yeh ehsaas hai, bujhti nahi hai kya pyaas hai
kya nasha is pyaar ka mujh pe chaane laga
koi na jaane kyun chain khota hai
kya karun haye kuch kuch hota hai

what to do

Either life is playing with me or i am playing with life
Is it justified to share the blame with life
Has my life anything to do with my conditions
I think as an indivdual I am more responsible for everything that happens around me

Sometimes, i feel the need 2 create a secret blog and post everything anonymously
but would it not be running away from the truth
the truth that th chap called Rahul Gupta has some serious problems which he avoids to discuss even with himself somtimes.

WE always say...why this happens to me only...why that happened to me only
and then let question remain open

Note: I don't think whatever i wrote after this was worth of anything other than a trash