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Indian Classical Music on the Web


An evening with Mukul Shivputra


Carnatic Music


Kathak links are here

BHAva (expression) + RAga (music) + Tala (rhythm) BHARAT

BHAva (expression) + RAga (music) + TAla (rhythm) + NATYAM (dance)BHARATANATYAM

A very popular dance form from South India, Bharatanatyam is said to be the oldest of all classical dance forms in India. Described as the dance of mind and soul, it is extremely traditional and known for its grace, purity, tenderness, statuesque and sculpturesque poses. It uplifts the dancer and the beholder to a higher level of spiritual consciousness. The dancer is considered as a worshipper of the Divine and is an embodiment of beauty, charm and gracefulness.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Kathak compilation

  • Aditi Mangaldas - Kathak dancer.

  • Anila Sunder - Kathak dancer based in Mumbai, India..

  • Article: Birju Maharaj retires - Probably the greatest Kathak exponent of our time, Birju Maharaj retired from Kathak Kendra in New Delhi, India in Summer 1998..

  • Bharat Bhavan: Kathak - Brief introduction with a list of the musical instruments used..
  • Bireshwar Gautam's Homepage - A Kathak artist as well as Thumri exponent!.
  • Gangani Kathak Dance Co. and Najma Ayashah - Kathak teacher based in NYC.
  • Indian Classical Dance Presents Parul Shah - presents Parul Shah, a growing Kathak performer, as-well-as an educator of Kathak, providing performances for events and classes to aspiring dancers and learners..
  • Jaipur tradition of Kathak - Najma Ayashah, disciple of Kundan Lal Gangani of the Jaipur tradition of Kathak offers a comprehensive look of the music other forms of dances of India..
  • Kathak - Brief history of Kathak..
  • Kathak dance - Kathak-An Indian Classical Dance, Ruby Mishra one of the prominent Dancer of kathak..
  • Kathak Images - Some nice pictures incl. 3 of Birju Maharaj and other artists..
  • Lucknow Kathak - Excellent description and history of Kathak..
  • PAMPA, California USA - Performing Arts, Indian Classical music and dance.
  • Pandit Chitresh Das - Home of Chhandam, the Chitresh Das dance company and school of Kathak dance..
  • Parul Shah - Parul Shah, a growing Kathak performer, as-well-as an educator of Kathak, providing performances for events and classes to aspiring dancers and learners. Based in Columbia University, USA..
  • Pratap Pawar - About top Kathak exponent, Pratap Pawar..
  • Rachna Agrawal - Rachna Ramya Agrawal is a Kathak Dance Performer and Educator located in Connecticut. She is available for performances as well as school residencies..
  • Shila Mehta - One of the famous exponents of KATHAK in India.
  • Shovana Narayan - Kathak exponent with links to many different expressions of Kathak including Moonlight Impressionism, Anuttar, Mera Safar, Mohan & Rambha, Muktilekha Dishantar, Toota Yeh Vishwas, Kyon Yashodhara, The Dawn After, Raah de Radhe, Yudhisthar and Draupadi, Akbar's Bridge..
  • - Information on Kathak dancer Ioanna Srinivasan based in Berlin, Germany and school of Kathak dance.
  • Zamzama: Alpana Sengupta and Mick Taylor - Information on Kathak dancer Alpana Sengupta and Sitar player Mick Taylor. Read about their concerts, projects, biodatas...

Credit: Travel Chic's Kathak Resource Compilation

Friday, December 16, 2005

This is the first post of mine from w.bloggar tool.
For now, It looks that it will go great.
Let's see. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DropDown for monthly Archive

After visiting weber and breezer blogs, I just wrote a javascript to get a drop-down for monthly archives. Just paste this code into your blogger template to get your own drop down

Get the code from here. It will look like this after implementation.

Credit: Learnt about date manipulation through javascript from this site to modify this script for my template.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Books, Movies and Cages

Ma'am asked why are you so philosphical? What all books do you read?

Here is my answer -

My life is the best book of mine whose writer is not only me but everybody who has a direct or indirect influence on it and its readers? I read it everyday and add to it more as time progresses. Its public to all those who want to read it. They can add the lines they like to their own book from mine without any copyright issues. :)

Now the question comes where from I take my lines and add to my own book. I steal them from others' lives thriving freely in my surroundings or dead and caged in the books in form of biographies, poetry, plays and movies (screen cage) which are not only about just one life but a confluence of many lives the protagonist(s) comes in touch with.

Digressing a bit from this to bring movies (one of my obsessions) in the context...
Movies? Caged lives kept on display, lives which cannot do anything when people peek into their privacy and cry/laugh/abuse them sitting in the hall. Neither the viewers help those characters prisoned in the screen. Many-a-times the one caged behind the screen also mock the viewers. For that matter we can say that in a way the viewers are also caged.

We can also redefine the movies about those lives who have got freed from the cage of this world. They try to make us feel that we are in a cage. Sometimes they share the experiences when they were in a cage. Sometimes they do things which we say are not possible in reality. But reality in a way is a prison where you can't do everything you wish because there are some rules of the cage you are in.

So, who is in the cage is a question pretty much debatable... Maybe both are in cages but its just like the rules of each cage are different. There are things you can do and there are things you can't. For that matter in our so called real world, we have many different cages...cages of society, culture, religion blah blah blah... In all this one thing is for sure common, the person who lives in these cages and the person who creates/destroys these cages is the same... MAN (to be more general - a living being)

Irony is that many-a-times people built cages for themselves.... Why?
Maybe to have a sense of security...
Maybe to work in isolation to achieve something...
Maybe this is a better thing to use their creativity on...
.......... endless reasons .......
a difficult question for me to handle in its entirety... i mean to say i cannot even catch a snapshot of the expanse of its answer.... In short, I don't see myself capable enough of doing justice to this question

Above text Originally written on April 10, 2005

  • This short film came in an email forward today. It is to some extent related to this blog.
  • Came across this thought today relevant to this blog.
    These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves.

    -Gilbert Highet, writer (1906-1978)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hey Krishna

Today I got this email forward from my friend, Aman Sehgal.

Thought of sharing it with you

Hey Krishna!!! Tu is kalyug mai aao to sahi!
Tune 18 saal ki umar me Mama Kans ko mara,
Bin Laden ko hath lagao to sahi?
Tune pura parvat ek ungli par uthaya
Mere gym me aa kar ek dumbell utho to sahi?
Tune bhari mehfil me draupadi ko saree pehnai,
Mallika ko ek jodi kapde pehnao to sahi?
Tune gokul ki 1600 gopia saath me patai,
Meri Company ki ek ladki patao to sahi?

Tune Arjun ko to Saari Geeta sunayee,
Mere Team Lead se baat karo to sahi?

Tune to Arjun ka Sarathi banke Pandavon ko jitaaya
India Cricket team ka Coach ban ke WorldCup jitaao to sahi?
Hey Krishna!!! Tu is kalyug mai aao to sahi?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tagging in Google's adopted baby

After some 1 hour of fight, i finally got some solution to my problem of tagging the blogs in blogger. I don't know why in the world, blogger hasn't provided such an important feature.
I think they should learn from LiveJournal or for that matter a couple of other feature-rich blogging sites.

Mr. Google, get up and do some exercise for your adopted BLOGGER baby.

After looking through the blogs of John, ted ernst and pacetua, I came up with a slightly better (browser independent)** solution which saves far much effort of Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V and a couple of irritating clicks.

Follow these steps to start Tagging in your blog
  1. Get a account.
  2. Go to (Settings->Formatting) in Blogger and set the "Link Field" to YES.
  3. Edit your template by pasting the below javascript code shown in RED somewhere between your <Blogger > </Blogger > tags.

  4. <p class="post-footer">Categories:<script language="javascript">
    var agt='<$BlogItemUrl$>';
    var tr=agt.split(' ');
    var a='';
    for(var i=0;i<tr.length;i++) {
    if(i > 0) {
    document.write(', ');
    a ='<a href=' + unescape('"') + '' + tr[i] + unescape('"') + ' rel=' + unescape('"') + 'tag' + unescape('"') + '>' + tr[i] + '</a>';

Now whenever you create a new blog, you will find an extra link textbox in which you can write your TAGS separated by spaces.^^
(Use '+' sign as the separator and modify your javascript accordingly if you want the links to be visible to technorati's search spider. See Comments section for complete information.
Credit: Greg)

Publish your post and you are done with your blogging part. But don't forget to post your tagged page to using the same tags.

I didn't write the Javascript, only modified it. Thanks goes to john, ted and pacetua.

** As mentioned by John, GreaseMonkey helps you do a similar thing in firefox but currently even that is not working with Firefox 1.5.
^^ Multi-word tags not possible in For other sites, you can replace this line in the code var tr=agt.split(' '); with your separator inserted between the single quotes. For eg., if the separator is a plus sign, it would look like var tr=agt.split('+');

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sacrifice or Burden of hypocrisy

People who debated with me in Barista about my Single Nation Theory should read this. Also my IITian friend who was in support of America's way of selecting their president and the parliament separately.
Excerpt from a book that I found on this blog
"You must tell Mr. Bush that this is not a good thing he does here. He thinks it is a good thing, but it is not at all good. Ask him which of his own children he would allow to die to destroy Saddam Hussein. He will not be willing to see his own child die for this. Then why must we see our children die for this madness? This is what you must write for the Americani to read … is it not so?"

You see We or for that matter an American [see photo] doesn't need Mr. Bush but still he got selected.

Secondly, about the Single nation Theory...See for now its an idea that has come up all in my head. I haven't searched net until now. It might be existing in some form or the other already before me rediscovering. But the thing is, I think the burden of the fruits of Competition and Wars has become an overkill to the world. Why not try Co-operation?

SACRIFICE: Something the men who lied us into this WAR know nothing about and our Indian Government too when they ordered the troops in KARGIL to fall like dominoes.

To my Indian Army,
You know what, following your government's orders blindly is not patriotism. You have sacrificed your great men because of our leader's hypocrytic LOC discipline.
I know the dissenting voice might have made you lose your occupation and marked you as coward but though tougher, its much better than dying in the name of hypocrytic patriotism's definition.
Don't teach your armymen just fight and sacrifice. Also teach them to have their own Conscience. Enemy doesn't always mean the external and the foreign powers.

Update:- For a more complete picture, Do visit the discussion on livejournal

Après un long temps

Long time since I blogspotted.
Have a good material to share with.

Shri Atanu Dey, An active blogger. His blog titled Who actually paid for my education was what I also talked about earlier but not so much in detail. Also, he has written about the draining issue from a different perpective.
[His view] - The issue is not brain-drain because India is not short of brains. The issue is of resource drain.
[My view] - But in any case the educated wants to drain.
Education was meant to elevate your inner conscience, make you sensitive and aware about your surroundings and [...] All this to see you leave in the end....what a waste :o
Its not only about the resource...Y india should even waste its energy over all this fees criteria, loans, maintaining education standards when such education makes people leave?

Then this blog about Saliva streams by selvakumar, the scientific Indian. You see I like people who endeavour to give a complete picture.

This sweet poem by Jalaluddin Rumi that I had commented on, long time back, but just lost the link.

Then this website to find out who all peeks into your bloggy.

To Blog or not to Blog is the Question, Interesting Title depicting Tension of Opposites which i first read about in the great book ( i felt in love) Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.

Worthy to be blogged

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

Friday, November 11, 2005

Dear Countrymen

What Engineering means for most Indian aspirants?

"It is engineering that is most likely to take them away from Third World realities to the shores of America's good life. So the tussle to get into engineering colleges is often cruel. In top entrance exams, only one out of 100 candidates makes the cut."
Excerpt from an article by Manu Joseph
for Wired magazine

Seems like India has become a concentration camp from which everybody wants to run.

A week back I had a long chat with an IITian during my return journey from Delhi to Mumbai. He was all praise to USA. He didnt seem to find even one single good thing in India. No offence to him or USA. Its not just he who praise/leave for USA!!!

I see whole India no better than Kashmir. Money & Career as a militant in disguise is killing our people's psyche. We are fastly becoming indifferent to the environment around us.

I and my friend Tarun was discussing yesterday night about our career paths.
He questioned "Is career goal the sole goal of our existence?".

Monday, October 10, 2005

Harmony: The greatest weapon in Disasters

We should not loose what we have. No doubt the 26/7 incident showed the harmony and concern of Mumbaikars (leaving few like the Crane-owners who refused to rent the cranes to lift the dead bodies of cattles) but instead of rejoicing over US inablity to handle Katrina situation, we should be concerned about the transfer of this value system to our new generation which is adopting the Western culture of individualism. - My views

Do read:
Rejoice, it took them longer to get assistance

Credit: Dateline Bombay - A Reporter's Tales by Govind Ethiraj

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Constellation is a pattern of stars on the sky, named for a person, animal, or object. The picture of Cone Nebula below sparked off a new term in my mind - CONEBULATION.

Cone Nebula
Image Taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope
Credit:Hubblesite Newcenter Archive

Monday, October 03, 2005

Convocation Ceremony

It all started with me landing at 6 o clock in the morning in gandhinagar. And then as the curtain of darkness got raised completely, it felt like another day of a semester when by chance/plan I used to get early to attend those surprise quizzes (prof's weapon against the innocent CIVILIAN students).

The convocation (planned at 9 o clock Western Std. Time) started at 10 o clock (By IST). Other than the few interchanged degrees, the fast forward convo version like other DAIICT's unique innovations (the indianised convo gown with no HAT) went all well. And for all this other than the gown made by our our binni ma'am from NID, I would like to thank the gr8 MEDIA and our non-academic administration. But despite all their efforts to spoil my day, Sam Pitroda's lecture made it.

Sometimes you need somebody to emphasise and articulate something that you already know. Sam Pitroda's short speech once again corroborated it.

And no doubt meeting with kudchadker sir (Dr. Arvind Kudchadker), Samaresh sir (Dr. S Chatterji) and maitra sir (Dr. Anutosh Maitra) elevated my spirits of working towards my goals. The focus of Sam, positivism of our director, the layman explanation of maitra sir on GA and the 'Always Welcome' attitude of Samaresh sir made me feel like I am the most blessed creature on this earth.

Warm handshakes and hugs also played their part in transforming my spirit. This is the first time when I experienced the unique feeling of belonging to something which I am no more a part of. B's sight again made me tense for a while but a good sleep killed it all.

I heard the soul of DAIICT singing - "tu jahan jahan chalega mera saaya saath hoga" :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mahabharata and the -ism(s)

Read this interesting link forwarded to me where
Dhraupadhi is a Naxalite
Dharmaraj a Socialist
When Krishna went to Kauravas, He requested like socialism,
threatened like communism and showed His readiness to kill
them through the vision of Viswaroopam like Naxalism.

And Lot More....

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some more links

A Study on Studying Methodoligies
International Cartoon Center
Sort of Free Journalism portal
Mumbai Local Trains' Map
Sepet - More than a love story

Image taken from WIRED.COM

Revenge of the Right Brain

Logical and precise, left-brain thinking gave us the Information Age. Now comes the Conceptual Age - ruled by artistry, empathy, and emotion.

By Daniel H. Pink

Intersting Definition of Academic Research

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I was so happy that i couldn't resist writing a blog.
This is what happens when studies and fun marries.

I have been reading about Genetic Algorithms (GA) for the last 10 days or so but it didn't fuelled that much excitement until today when I was solving a Sudoku puzzle and got to know that my friend Venkat has made a program to solve it. Immediately, the idea of using GAs to solve SUDOKU striked my brain and hence i am here.
Excuse me! the program isn't written yet but searching for the GA and Sudoku i found a good link which cleared a lot of my misconceptions about GA.

At least, now thinking in GA has got a head-start in my grey cells. :)


Too much words

Eskimos have 43 words to describe SNOW
Brazilians have 8 words for COFFEE beans
Americans have a rich SEX related vocabulary
Indians have rich vocabulary for RELATIONSHIPS
  • (For eg. mamaa, chachaa, kaaka, taoo to describe UNCLE)
PAIN for Germans
  • Sehnsucht - Longing
  • Heimweh = "home ache" = homesickness
  • Fernweh = "far ache" = the yearning for somewhere far away
  • Nahweh = "near ache" = the feeling of sadness that comes when you return home to find it is not as you remember it
RICE for South Indians

RIVER in Chinese

This all and more support a theory saying that the importance of a concept in a culture is determined by the number of words used to describe it (in its various forms). I first came to know about it from my friend Venkat (an NCSTian).

For more:
1. Read the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis which is composed of two basic principles: linguistic determinism and linguistic relativity.
2. "Centrality of Snow in Inuit(Eskimo) culture is an exaggeration"

Interesting Blogs and Facts

Marriage in GenX World

Bloggers BE[ a]WARE

Mohd. Ali Jinnah's Secularism

George ka Pakistan - A Story about an Englishman turned Pakistani

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Teacher's Day

The kids don't know how much you know, but they certainly know how much you care about them. And if you care about them, you would have breathe life and inspiration into the subjects you teach. And if you care, your words and actions will resonate in the lives of those lucky children for many many years to come.

The alchemists who have helped me follow my dreams:-
  1. Gosai Ma'am, K.G. and Prep., Holy Child School Ghaziabad.
    Nobody can handle kids better than she.
  2. Sister Roseline, Vth Std., Holy Child School Ghaziabad.
    My Moral Science teacher, the job she was extra-ordinary at.
  3. Mrs. P.K. Sharma, VI Std. , Holy Child School Ghaziabad.
    Patience at its peak.
  4. Mrs. Kala Nagarkoti, Mathematics, VIII - X std., D.P.S. Ghaziabad.
    Before I took tuitions from her, I used to mug up geometry related reasoning questions. She gave me the confidence to take on the science stream in my 10+2.
  5. Mrs. Renu Kaushik, History & Civics teacher, D.P.S. Ghaziabad.
    I remember one question asked by her in the Civics class "Do you know where and how you will get the divorce from your wife if required" and the whole class went lol.
  6. Mr. Virendra Chandela[Chandu Sir :) ], Mathematics Tutor, XI-XII std. Other than mathematics (which he can teach even to a below-average but sincere student), his ideas in philosophy, religion, politics and what not were thought provoking (including the free homeopathic treatment to his ailing students). I also learnt some homeopathy basics too.
  7. Dr. Bhushan, Physics Tutor, XI std., Though he wasn't able to get the physics into my brain that much but he induced the necessary interest in me without which learning the subject would have been an entirely a different ball game. Not to forget his idea about late-comers that I heard 1st time from him that "even if a person is coming 50 minutes late in an hour long class, he might learn something in the next 10 minutes"
  8. Sheoran Sir, Physics Tutor, XII std., My journey to the ancient town of Physics starts with him. The 90% score in PHY in 10+2 Boards was a shock to my sub-standard brain faculties dealing with PHY.
  9. Nandita Aunty, Chemistry Tutor, XII std., Under her, I got a daily dose of mysterious Organic Chemistry before my morning breakfast.
  10. Mr. Vinay Panday[Bunny Sir :) ], Computer Science and C++, XI-XII, D.P.S. Ghaziabad. An ideal Computer Science teacher. He is the best memory of my school days. I can definitely write a book blog on "He, Me and my 10+2 days".
  11. DA-IICT profs - Samaresh Sir, Sanjay Sir, Biswas Sir, Sinha Sir, Jotwani Sir, Maitra Sir, Abhinay Pandya Sir, Mathuria Sir (Details later)
  12. Ashok Singh, My Mentor, Research Internship (part of UG curriculum), ORF, Delhi. One of the true Alchemists of my life.
Some Lighter Moments and Memories

Humanities Tridev (Vishwajit Pandya, Tridip, Shiv Vishvanathan)
movie course ITD's Bini Ma'am :)
Prof. Amin's microscopic pen running on the exam copies making them look like a part of some RED revolution

Details Later

Friday, September 02, 2005

Nationalism or Evilism

"...If some day the folks in power ..... can REALLY see all people as equal human beings deserving of equal treatment in life, we can drop the pervision of patriotism and bring the world to a new era of true peace without the need for those at the top to live off the economic slavery of the rest of the world."
-Johann von Schnell
wrote in a review on atomic bomb test video

In my words, Nationalism is a patchwork done on our mother earth.
We have f***ed up our mother earth and produced 200+ motherlands.
Sorry for the use of the censored f word in the above line but this is the real truth.

Note: The readers may raise their voice pointing to the Indian section in my blog.
I do agree with them and want their suggestions as to how should I tag these things in some other way. Further, I also want to add that I also like rock music which is a Western thing. I have equal sympathy and interest in American army and all other armies in the world who are just chess pieces of our political leadership. Liking something which is region specific does not signify that you are a nationalist.
Yes I am also against many policies of America but that is true for my Indian government true. You need some nomenclature to point out things but the words should not create a general rhetoric. There are lot of other clarifications and explanations that this blog entry needs but I am not planning a book blog. So as and when the questions will come, I will answer to them.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What is NLP?

So if you are from a computer science stream, then you may instantly de-abbreviate it to Natural Language Processing. But the context I am writing this blog entry is Neuro Linguistic Programming. But still you might think of it as some theoretical approach in programming.

It is a therapy which claims to help people change by teaching them to program their brains.
For more, Refer

and you can also search our beloved Google

Friday, August 26, 2005

We are FORTUNATE enough in any case

Misfortune is a hidden fortune for those who believe in them

Steve Jobs speech at Stanford Univ - look at the life this man has lead; in comparison, we are living a luxurious life and doing nothing useful!

Credit of this blog entry goes to my Sasi sir.

A must read for our generation.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Is Society a Disease?

Everybody seems to be blaming govt., population, corruption and blah blah blah.

People consider society as a disease and try to keep themselves and their children away from it. They don't know the severity of this or may be they don't want to because it hasn't caught them.

Common Man is as indifferent to society as any politician or a high profiler is. Then what right do we have to blame anybody.

We feel helpless only when some outsider is burning in a fire. If our own piece of heart is there then our helplessness starts melting into panic induced movement.

I request you to please not throw the blame if not share it. If you can't cure your society, at least cure yourself and your perspectives.

Friday, August 05, 2005

All about RUNNING

Just because somebody is running ahead of you doesn't mean that you will lose the race.
Don't stop, keep running.

If the race has just been started, you can't make any assumptions about who will lose in the end.

If the race is near to its end, stopping is anyway going to waste all your effort.


So again, No use of stopping, RUN better every time someone gets ahead of you.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Hieroglyphic Name

My name using Egyptian Hieroglyphs!


Try your name

Script by

Monday, July 25, 2005


Everyday I see a dream in which I dream of becoming a protagonist, protagonist of my dreams. My father sometimes comment on me and advise me not to only dream like mungerilal but do something in reality.

And as always the question comes, how can you remark dreams as not reality. He may be right in his own real world but I am also not wrong in my dream world.
I sometime imagine what would have happened if there would have been no dream. Sleep would have been dry, monotonous and unattractive. Imagine a sleep without a single dream all year round.

The song from the movie DADDY comes to my mind in this context :-

dhoondne se khusiyon ki rahein nahin milti
jaagne se mann ki muraadein nahin khilti
mile jo na tujhe des mein humare
de jayenge nindiya ke andhiyaare
ghar ke ujiyaare soja re
daddy tere jaage tu soja re

The paths to happiness can't be searched
Your ambitions doesn't get fulfilled even by being awake

Oh my son! Whatever you don't find in our world
The darkness of sleep will give you

Oh light of my home
Your daddy is awake, just sleep peacefully

Theme of a screenplay - Queue

Before reading this, I want the reader to make a note that the below text is not in any manner concerned with my life.
My only relation with the below text is that i have written it.

The protagonist says:
I, the protagonist of this whole drama, was born on 31 Dec 1983.

My father remained in a queue to fill the form of the hospital to get my mother admitted.
My mother had to remain in a queue after her labor pains got started.
My elder came before me. So, in a way GOD kept me also in a queue after my brother.
My younger brother was yet to be born.

Being in the middle of the queue is the biggest dilemma to be in because neither your heart will allow you to leave the queue because you are ahead of those standing behind you nor it will be enough to convince your impatient brain that you will get a chance soon because there is a crowd equal in number ahead of you.

The people behind u push u and the people ahead of you blame you and abuse you for the fault you haven’t done.
peeche wala dhakka deta hai aur aage wala sunata hai
beech wala pis jaata hai

khadi queue ko dekh kar diya kabira roy
do paatan ke beech mein sabut bacha na moy

Queue that has become the truth of every living being in our country

Queue for water in the neighborhood community water pump
Queue at the medical shop, ration ki dukaan
Queue for admission to a school
Queue for every aspiring doctor/engineer

Queue at the railway reservation counter
Queue at the hotels and restaurants
Queue at the canteen of my college where I met Madhavi.
Now an exception here
I was the first to propose Madhavi and so was not in a queue or may be I can at least say that I was the first in queue and made others in the queue so hopeless that they left.

They say relations are made in heaven. But if they are made in heaven then why the couples meet so late...I think GOD has a separate queue for the relationship clearance too...

Even the girl I got my first crush on had 3 boyfriends waiting for her YES.

Queue for the interview to a company
My promotion was in a queue of 5 people of which 2 were more senior than me.

Queue didn’t left me even after my death
Even the graveyard I was buried in had a queue when my dead body reached there
People waited in a queue to make offerings to my corpse.

Don’t know whether I will have to wait at the heaven too in a queue. I will request HIM that better send me to hell than to make me wait in a QUEUE for heaven.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Astonishing Love

Dil to hai dil dil ka aitbaar kya kije
aa gaya jo kisi pe yaar kya kije

Heart is unique, Heart can't be trusted
If it loves somebody, you can't do anything about it

The deadly disease of love and the intensity of the addiction of this drug can only be treated by love.

Love is a great drug. A lover doesn't need any whisky, wine or marijuana to get inebriated.

Pehla nasha, pehla khumaar
naya pyaar hai naya intezaar

First love, first intoxication
new love, new expectations

Love is like another planet where earthly laws don't work
especially the law of gravity

aaj kal pao zameen par nahi padte mere
bolo tumne dekha hai mujhe chalte hue

My legs don't rest upon earth these days
Have you ever seen me walking?

Tum paas aaye dil mein samaye, tumne ne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye
ab to mera dil jaage na sota hai
, kya karun haye kuch kuch hota hai

na jaane kaisa yeh ehsaas hai, bujhti nahi hai kya pyaas hai
kya nasha is pyaar ka mujh pe chaane laga
koi na jaane kyun chain khota hai
kya karun haye kuch kuch hota hai

what to do

Either life is playing with me or i am playing with life
Is it justified to share the blame with life
Has my life anything to do with my conditions
I think as an indivdual I am more responsible for everything that happens around me

Sometimes, i feel the need 2 create a secret blog and post everything anonymously
but would it not be running away from the truth
the truth that th chap called Rahul Gupta has some serious problems which he avoids to discuss even with himself somtimes.

WE always say...why this happens to me only...why that happened to me only
and then let question remain open

Note: I don't think whatever i wrote after this was worth of anything other than a trash

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Is there really anything like THE PRESENT MOMENT?

today, in my French class there was a short discussion on "What is Important: Present or Future" and people somehow delved into the Past also.
In between the chaos as i was cogitating, the following thought came to my mind.
just a thought....

There is no present. I mean we can't say we live for the present moment because there is no such thing as present moment. The moment you start thinking about the present moment, (or what they say as "being present in the PRESENT") and by the time you finish thinking, the so called PRESENT moment vanishes and a new one arrives. Its a new PRESENT or you can say future arrives by that time that becomes the new present. What happens generally is that the problem/situation you were thinking about might not change across this difference between the old PRESENT moment and the new PRESENT moment. Therefore, you can apply the conclusion of your thinking process and harvest its fruits.

So next time don't say that you are concerned more about the present than the future.
Instead you can say you are concerned about the immediate future/ near future/ far future and blah blah blah

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Life, a compulsory Marathon

Life is a Marathon that you are bound to run in. Whether you like it or not.
After all, neither was your birth by your will nor you had any choice of worlds. Your track is time. Even the pace of your life is predecided. Neither you can complete the race faster and delve into future earlier than others, nor you can remain in current state for a longer duration. It's not the kind of ground track where you stand for a while in the middle of a race to rest.

Irrespective of what you do, your race starts at your's only cry and it ends with the silence of your last breathe. *

The only choice you have is either enjoy it :) or squall over it :(

*The people who didn't cried on their birth may replace the word "cry" with whatever sound they produced.