Friday, September 02, 2005

Nationalism or Evilism

"...If some day the folks in power ..... can REALLY see all people as equal human beings deserving of equal treatment in life, we can drop the pervision of patriotism and bring the world to a new era of true peace without the need for those at the top to live off the economic slavery of the rest of the world."
-Johann von Schnell
wrote in a review on atomic bomb test video

In my words, Nationalism is a patchwork done on our mother earth.
We have f***ed up our mother earth and produced 200+ motherlands.
Sorry for the use of the censored f word in the above line but this is the real truth.

Note: The readers may raise their voice pointing to the Indian section in my blog.
I do agree with them and want their suggestions as to how should I tag these things in some other way. Further, I also want to add that I also like rock music which is a Western thing. I have equal sympathy and interest in American army and all other armies in the world who are just chess pieces of our political leadership. Liking something which is region specific does not signify that you are a nationalist.
Yes I am also against many policies of America but that is true for my Indian government true. You need some nomenclature to point out things but the words should not create a general rhetoric. There are lot of other clarifications and explanations that this blog entry needs but I am not planning a book blog. So as and when the questions will come, I will answer to them.

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