Monday, October 10, 2005

Harmony: The greatest weapon in Disasters

We should not loose what we have. No doubt the 26/7 incident showed the harmony and concern of Mumbaikars (leaving few like the Crane-owners who refused to rent the cranes to lift the dead bodies of cattles) but instead of rejoicing over US inablity to handle Katrina situation, we should be concerned about the transfer of this value system to our new generation which is adopting the Western culture of individualism. - My views

Do read:
Rejoice, it took them longer to get assistance

Credit: Dateline Bombay - A Reporter's Tales by Govind Ethiraj

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Constellation is a pattern of stars on the sky, named for a person, animal, or object. The picture of Cone Nebula below sparked off a new term in my mind - CONEBULATION.

Cone Nebula
Image Taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope
Credit:Hubblesite Newcenter Archive

Monday, October 03, 2005

Convocation Ceremony

It all started with me landing at 6 o clock in the morning in gandhinagar. And then as the curtain of darkness got raised completely, it felt like another day of a semester when by chance/plan I used to get early to attend those surprise quizzes (prof's weapon against the innocent CIVILIAN students).

The convocation (planned at 9 o clock Western Std. Time) started at 10 o clock (By IST). Other than the few interchanged degrees, the fast forward convo version like other DAIICT's unique innovations (the indianised convo gown with no HAT) went all well. And for all this other than the gown made by our our binni ma'am from NID, I would like to thank the gr8 MEDIA and our non-academic administration. But despite all their efforts to spoil my day, Sam Pitroda's lecture made it.

Sometimes you need somebody to emphasise and articulate something that you already know. Sam Pitroda's short speech once again corroborated it.

And no doubt meeting with kudchadker sir (Dr. Arvind Kudchadker), Samaresh sir (Dr. S Chatterji) and maitra sir (Dr. Anutosh Maitra) elevated my spirits of working towards my goals. The focus of Sam, positivism of our director, the layman explanation of maitra sir on GA and the 'Always Welcome' attitude of Samaresh sir made me feel like I am the most blessed creature on this earth.

Warm handshakes and hugs also played their part in transforming my spirit. This is the first time when I experienced the unique feeling of belonging to something which I am no more a part of. B's sight again made me tense for a while but a good sleep killed it all.

I heard the soul of DAIICT singing - "tu jahan jahan chalega mera saaya saath hoga" :)