Thursday, July 28, 2005

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Monday, July 25, 2005


Everyday I see a dream in which I dream of becoming a protagonist, protagonist of my dreams. My father sometimes comment on me and advise me not to only dream like mungerilal but do something in reality.

And as always the question comes, how can you remark dreams as not reality. He may be right in his own real world but I am also not wrong in my dream world.
I sometime imagine what would have happened if there would have been no dream. Sleep would have been dry, monotonous and unattractive. Imagine a sleep without a single dream all year round.

The song from the movie DADDY comes to my mind in this context :-

dhoondne se khusiyon ki rahein nahin milti
jaagne se mann ki muraadein nahin khilti
mile jo na tujhe des mein humare
de jayenge nindiya ke andhiyaare
ghar ke ujiyaare soja re
daddy tere jaage tu soja re

The paths to happiness can't be searched
Your ambitions doesn't get fulfilled even by being awake

Oh my son! Whatever you don't find in our world
The darkness of sleep will give you

Oh light of my home
Your daddy is awake, just sleep peacefully

Theme of a screenplay - Queue

Before reading this, I want the reader to make a note that the below text is not in any manner concerned with my life.
My only relation with the below text is that i have written it.

The protagonist says:
I, the protagonist of this whole drama, was born on 31 Dec 1983.

My father remained in a queue to fill the form of the hospital to get my mother admitted.
My mother had to remain in a queue after her labor pains got started.
My elder came before me. So, in a way GOD kept me also in a queue after my brother.
My younger brother was yet to be born.

Being in the middle of the queue is the biggest dilemma to be in because neither your heart will allow you to leave the queue because you are ahead of those standing behind you nor it will be enough to convince your impatient brain that you will get a chance soon because there is a crowd equal in number ahead of you.

The people behind u push u and the people ahead of you blame you and abuse you for the fault you haven’t done.
peeche wala dhakka deta hai aur aage wala sunata hai
beech wala pis jaata hai

khadi queue ko dekh kar diya kabira roy
do paatan ke beech mein sabut bacha na moy

Queue that has become the truth of every living being in our country

Queue for water in the neighborhood community water pump
Queue at the medical shop, ration ki dukaan
Queue for admission to a school
Queue for every aspiring doctor/engineer

Queue at the railway reservation counter
Queue at the hotels and restaurants
Queue at the canteen of my college where I met Madhavi.
Now an exception here
I was the first to propose Madhavi and so was not in a queue or may be I can at least say that I was the first in queue and made others in the queue so hopeless that they left.

They say relations are made in heaven. But if they are made in heaven then why the couples meet so late...I think GOD has a separate queue for the relationship clearance too...

Even the girl I got my first crush on had 3 boyfriends waiting for her YES.

Queue for the interview to a company
My promotion was in a queue of 5 people of which 2 were more senior than me.

Queue didn’t left me even after my death
Even the graveyard I was buried in had a queue when my dead body reached there
People waited in a queue to make offerings to my corpse.

Don’t know whether I will have to wait at the heaven too in a queue. I will request HIM that better send me to hell than to make me wait in a QUEUE for heaven.