Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sacrifice or Burden of hypocrisy

People who debated with me in Barista about my Single Nation Theory should read this. Also my IITian friend who was in support of America's way of selecting their president and the parliament separately.
Excerpt from a book that I found on this blog
"You must tell Mr. Bush that this is not a good thing he does here. He thinks it is a good thing, but it is not at all good. Ask him which of his own children he would allow to die to destroy Saddam Hussein. He will not be willing to see his own child die for this. Then why must we see our children die for this madness? This is what you must write for the Americani to read … is it not so?"

You see We or for that matter an American [see photo] doesn't need Mr. Bush but still he got selected.

Secondly, about the Single nation Theory...See for now its an idea that has come up all in my head. I haven't searched net until now. It might be existing in some form or the other already before me rediscovering. But the thing is, I think the burden of the fruits of Competition and Wars has become an overkill to the world. Why not try Co-operation?

SACRIFICE: Something the men who lied us into this WAR know nothing about and our Indian Government too when they ordered the troops in KARGIL to fall like dominoes.

To my Indian Army,
You know what, following your government's orders blindly is not patriotism. You have sacrificed your great men because of our leader's hypocrytic LOC discipline.
I know the dissenting voice might have made you lose your occupation and marked you as coward but though tougher, its much better than dying in the name of hypocrytic patriotism's definition.
Don't teach your armymen just fight and sacrifice. Also teach them to have their own Conscience. Enemy doesn't always mean the external and the foreign powers.

Update:- For a more complete picture, Do visit the discussion on livejournal

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A post with a deep meaning. Lovely.