Friday, November 11, 2005

Dear Countrymen

What Engineering means for most Indian aspirants?

"It is engineering that is most likely to take them away from Third World realities to the shores of America's good life. So the tussle to get into engineering colleges is often cruel. In top entrance exams, only one out of 100 candidates makes the cut."
Excerpt from an article by Manu Joseph
for Wired magazine

Seems like India has become a concentration camp from which everybody wants to run.

A week back I had a long chat with an IITian during my return journey from Delhi to Mumbai. He was all praise to USA. He didnt seem to find even one single good thing in India. No offence to him or USA. Its not just he who praise/leave for USA!!!

I see whole India no better than Kashmir. Money & Career as a militant in disguise is killing our people's psyche. We are fastly becoming indifferent to the environment around us.

I and my friend Tarun was discussing yesterday night about our career paths.
He questioned "Is career goal the sole goal of our existence?".

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