Sunday, August 21, 2005

Is Society a Disease?

Everybody seems to be blaming govt., population, corruption and blah blah blah.

People consider society as a disease and try to keep themselves and their children away from it. They don't know the severity of this or may be they don't want to because it hasn't caught them.

Common Man is as indifferent to society as any politician or a high profiler is. Then what right do we have to blame anybody.

We feel helpless only when some outsider is burning in a fire. If our own piece of heart is there then our helplessness starts melting into panic induced movement.

I request you to please not throw the blame if not share it. If you can't cure your society, at least cure yourself and your perspectives.


Lusus Naturae said...

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Harshad said...

I'm of a similar opinion that our society itself is corrupted to the core, hence everything else that touches the society, includes people is corrupted.

If at all, it is possible, we need to cure our own society that teaches its children (among other things) to hate achievers, that slow learners should be laughed at and that if you can talk a smooth talk, even your teachers are going to be impressed.

How can the corruption go away if for you have to pay donations admitting your little child in a school? If corruption enters their lives at that early age, we get what we are today.

Long Live India! Let's hope for a better tomorrow :) Keep writing... and thanks for stopping by at my little corner on the 'Net :)