Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Is there really anything like THE PRESENT MOMENT?

today, in my French class there was a short discussion on "What is Important: Present or Future" and people somehow delved into the Past also.
In between the chaos as i was cogitating, the following thought came to my mind.
just a thought....

There is no present. I mean we can't say we live for the present moment because there is no such thing as present moment. The moment you start thinking about the present moment, (or what they say as "being present in the PRESENT") and by the time you finish thinking, the so called PRESENT moment vanishes and a new one arrives. Its a new PRESENT or you can say future arrives by that time that becomes the new present. What happens generally is that the problem/situation you were thinking about might not change across this difference between the old PRESENT moment and the new PRESENT moment. Therefore, you can apply the conclusion of your thinking process and harvest its fruits.

So next time don't say that you are concerned more about the present than the future.
Instead you can say you are concerned about the immediate future/ near future/ far future and blah blah blah

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