Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pirates of Content

Yesterday I watched the movie "Lage Raho Munnabhai". Saw Munna doing Gandhigiri.
After the movie ended, I became conscious that I had bought the ticket in black. This moved me strongly to take an oath not to buy tickets in black in future. But then I started extending the oath. What about the pirated music I download from net? And those pirated movies that I see with my family?

For now I want to restrain myself watching movies with tickets in black for the next 3 months. But regarding piracy I hold very different views from the cyber policing people. I think our business model hasn't evolved with technology. We still sell things the way we used to thousand years back (except few exception like web services supporting themselves with pay per click, pay per call models). We still sell content like any other goods. That we need to change.

Update: For more on "Change and not blame", read James' ideas here and here as comments on the news of launch of a new online video service, Guba, that will automatically detect and flag copyrighted video.

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