Sunday, May 13, 2007

Buts or Guts

Buts and Guts, yes Life is all about that and the movie "School of Scoundrels" too.

"I could have done it but you see .... "
"I just want to do it. Who is s/he/they to stop me?"

Sometimes situations give you guts that your own desires don't. You might complain of your inability to do something because of pain in your legs but what if a fire breaks out in your own home. You will run for life as far as you can.

Might seem too out of the way example. I felt the same 7 years back while listening to the same example from a counsellor of a coaching institute. He lectured that the attitude of being unreasonable makes all the difference.
Reasoning kills us and our aspirations.
Compromise leads to sub-standard things.

One should be watchful towards marketing frogs who use it all the time to convert people's psychology and make them try out their products and services.

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