Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cashing on Environmental Consciousness

Though I personally use Google (search, mail, chat, blog, docs, homepage, maps), I can't accept that they are a company whose net effect on environment is positive; rather it is largely negative

Blog entries like "Helping others go green" in my perception are nothing but a way to stress upon their intention to be environment friendly and run away from any opposition on various other fronts.

To run their enterprise, they need a lot of energy. Apart from a portion of it coming from some of its green initiatives, most of it comes from greenhouse gases producing processes. And that applies to Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask and all others.

I understand that people do need them and therefore they have become so big so one can't question that. But what I would like to point out is many other things that they currently do, esp. Google whose slogan is "do no evil", but can avoid and hence create an example for the world.

1. How many garbage is generated in one day at each of their offices?
2. How many polythene packaged fast food is gulped by its employees? Is a water filter installed in their office or everybody uses mineral water to drink packaged in plastic bottles?
3. How many people leave their machines ON while they leave for home?
4. How many other environmentally non-friendly products they use in their office?
5. Have their buildings been constructed to conserve energy? How much electricity is used per day on air-conditioning? How many electronic gadgets like screensaver running on a big screen to get the awe of visitors can be done away with?

My list can never end. I know that implementation of any of the above ideas needs effort but only if you are able to do one or more of them that you must claim a blog entry titled "helping people go green". All other gadgets are just another way to cash on people's conscience for environment and gain their support.

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