Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A random arbitrary piece of blah

While in science and technology, we reuse the discoveries previously done, in society there seems to be a totally opposite phenomenon - Rediscovery and Rework

Somehow importance of social science has been totally ignored. Worse than that, its application. In the world I am aware of, unique social problems rarely occur in the world. What occurs is repetition of the same problem in different societies having the same root cause.

The reason I feel behind a society not able to curb such problem duplicates, despite the knowledge available in the world, is awareness at all levels in society. Of all the levels, I feel that awareness at individual level is the most important thing.

Thanks to blindness given to us by technology, the word awareness in many of our minds immediately translates to ulti media and fragile SMS. They are seen as the swissy chaaku for every problem.

People forget that societies used to exist before the invent of the first gadget, not only exist but also thrive which means they were surely having their own ways to cope with social problems. Just because a rocket is invented doesn't throw a knife out of use.

We seem to have forgotten tools such as short stories which have the capability to sustain longer in crowd memory than an S M S. They create a stronger meme and I think are a great way to stop social problems reoccur.

Because if an individual knows a social fact encoded in a story and believes in it whole-heartedly, he would at least resist himself from performing an act with bad implications for him and his society. Not only that, he would also share the same story with his close ones and the loop would recurse till the base step.

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