Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Don't know, hum kis talaash mein hain?

There is one program on DD called talaash(search) wherein they everytime introduce you to a new kind of employment opportunity.

Yesterday, they told about the business of making leather toys (mostly animal toys like tiger, elephant etc.). They told that there is a big market especially outside India. Madhya Pradesh is the leading business centre for this. They also mentioned that its a low capital business, provides good employment opportunities to lot of poor people and the export revenue is increasing at a good pace. Therefore, govt. has started providing them incentives. In addition to this, there is something called Gandhi Shilp Mela which runs throught the year in various parts of the country. This provides a stage to showcase there work.

Now my views.

Animals killed to make leather. -> Leather used to make animal toys.
Under the umbrella of Gandhiji (who was against killing of animals) mela, these objects are showcased.
Gandhiji's philosophy was to make leather from the animals who die natural death. But in this fashion oriented world, people need separate formal and informal shoes, leather accessories like jackets, purses, and what not. So to meet this demand, we can't wait animals to die !!!
Such kind of world should be drained of resources. Only then we would learn the value of things nature provides us.

Note:DD is DoorDarshan, our national channel if people have forgotten.

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