Thursday, March 16, 2006

mere khaali haath

On invitation from my kathak teacher, I and venkat went to palaspe gaon, beyond panvel, navi mumbai to hear Dhrupad from Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar but landed up having just a good dinner and returning dissatisfied as the performance (which was to be continued till late in the next morning) got finished hours before it was scheduled to due to some reasons unknown to me. I felt guilty of eating the food without attending the performance but couldn't help as I wasn't told before I finished my dinner (@ 1.00 am, 15th March)

Anyways, the happiness of getting such an invitation still remains with me as this was the 1st invitation I got, inspite of lot of ICM lovers existing around me who visit such performances on a regular basis. May be they don't consider me as an ardent ICM listener.

Anyways I am optimistic about the future as my teacher has promised me that I will get such invitations regularly from now and with more promising schedules.

More about Dagar bros., their tradition and family roots.

Note: Gundecha Bros. have learned in the same dhrupad gurukul in palaspe gaon.
proud to visit it. :)

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R.Shriram said...

hey you baba o hsorry baba!! dried up blogs !!!
are you c riously into hindustani and yeah gundecha brothere owwww man !!!
so wassup pandit ji