Thursday, August 03, 2006

Smile vs. Laugh

Just few days back while returning to my home, I was thinking about what is it that makes somebody laugh (instead smile) on something and vice versa.
  • Is smile symbolic of less happiness than laugh?
  • Does laugh originates only from humor?
  • Is smile more emotionally related to mind than laugh?

Can anybody throw light on my above curiosities?


Sushama said...

:) Nice topic! The extent to which teeth show out or lips part does not have to be an indication of happiness-level... I think hearty-n-loud laughter comes when something is funny or when one sub/conscuiously intends to attract/sustain attention. There are several scientific studies supporting the common notion that it is more of the twinkle in the eyes and the wrinkles around them which acknowledge pleasure than the grins.

Anonymous said...

Humour is an element that adds spice to life and without which may be life would have been very difficult to spend. But contrary to what many people believe, humour is not all about smiling and laughing, though it caters to these fields mainly. Humour is actually the capability to see the lighter side of life, sometimes even in a serious environment. But this lighter view of life should be done intelligently. Slapstick humour is no humour at all, it is just trash.

Dara said...

You are right on the truth, that smile is more emotionally related to the mind than a laughter..

A smile is a symbol of understanding with pleasure.

Laughter is drawing out plain pleasure good/bad.

Thanks... :)