Thursday, January 05, 2006

Do away with the word mankind

Most of us like eating fish, but nobody wants to cuddle them. The consequence is that, while otters, seals, elephants, rhinos and even foxes have powerful political constituencies to fight for them, mankind is doing disastrous things at sea without anybody seeming to care much.
I think we no longer deserve to be remarked as MANKIND. First do away with the word MANKIND.

Ban on trawling is not a solution to preserve aquatic life. We need to decrease the demand to such a level that trawling becomes economically inviable. For that the small step one can take is stop eating fish. You can start by reducing the amount you eat. I understand the demand of people living near the sea-shore. For them, it is the only food available in abundance. But what about people living in other areas like plains etc.?

Nature provides for everybody's need and not for everybody's greed.
We can blame trawlers for being greedy but what about the useless need we have developed. Do we all require sea-food to remain healthy?

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