Saturday, January 28, 2006

Humans are the new Beast

Are you just a non-Vegetarian or a non-human? Find out yourself-

If Yes then You don't deserve even a pig's life.

  • Would you want to watch as someone poked a spear into your mother or father?
  • Can you even imagine the agony of being roasted alive on a grill?
  • Do you even think you can tolerate a blade slicing through your skin just because someone wants fancy clothes made of human skin?

LET US ALL MAKE IT a VOW to stop non-vegetarianism, stop cruelty to animals, never visit a zoo or circus, never buy woolen, fur, silk or unnatural clothes, never buy an animal product... because everytime we do these things, remember one of our brothers from the animal world is dying a merciless and undeserving death...

Credit: This is an excerpt taken from an orkut community forum posted by somebody. I just lost the link and therefore couldn't link to him.

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